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Engineering Solutions

Throughout the life of a program, KAL Manufacturing applies its engineering expertise to meet and exceed all customer requirements while maintaining the highest process capability at the lowest possible cost.

In collaboration with the customer, our engineering team uses Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) in the design and production stages to find any opportunities for improvement to implement the most lean and efficient processing techniques possible. Part methods are documented to ensure that the process capability achieved can be replicated throughout the life cycle of the program.

KAL’s investment in the latest engineering software supports all aspects of our core competencies and processes to ensure success:

  • Epicor Vantage (ERP)

  • Solid Works (Design)

  • Master Cam (Machining)

  • FabriWIN (Sheet Metal Fabrication and Inspection)

  • Pcdmis (Quality)

Benefits for You

  • Maximize potential of program design

  • Eliminate manufacturability issues

  • Ensure the highest level of process capability

  • Realize the lowest possible cost

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