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Quality Assurance

KAL Manufacturing not only maintains ISO Certifications and ITAR Registration, we recognize that quality systems must be a core competency. Every stage of our manufacturing process features quality control measures to ensure that we create only quality parts, products, and assemblies.

Advanced quality planning coupled with robust manufacturing methods enables us to meet customer demand for dock-to-stock programs.

Detailed documentation and precision measurements at the prototype level decreases the required number of revisions.

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Cpk analysis at the beta-build level validate the process to ensure a smooth transition to full-scale manufacturing.

Prior to the first shipment of every part/product/program, KAL prepares a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Once approved by the customer, the process documented in the PPAP cannot be changed without customer authorization. The PPAP includes:

  • Part submission warrant

  • First article inspections

  • 100% dimensional layout of print

  • Material certifications

  • Finish certification

  • Rohs/WEE Compliance

At any point in time, product traceability can be tracked by our ERP system per release.

Benefits for You
  • Bypass expense of receiving inspections

  • Reduce ECOs and faster time to market

  • Keep production line up and running smoothly

  • Ensure consistency throughout program life cycle

  • Maintain a high compliance as required

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